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Automatic Typing Tool In Android

Hello friends today I will learn you about an Android mobile trick shortcut typing tool using external keyboard operating. well this is the very awesome trick if you want to entertain with your friend or any other partner from your WhatsApp or Facebook or any other messenger platform and you want to send the same message to this person continuously. For that you have to type again and again the same message or copy and paste the message again and again and send but today I will showing you about a shortcut trick to typing essay message continuously non stop typing and sending technology.

Well this is the very new trick in this field and the application is new in the market also the application is very useful. if you want to do it then follow all the instruction what I am telling in this post very clearly very sincerely and very carefully you have to apply this setting in your mobile will if you forget any single step for you mistake any single option then the process is not run.

Anytime if you face problem related this trick in your mobile then you can contact with us in my official id in Instagram. my Instagram username and all the details is provided in my YouTube channel videos so if you want to connect with us then you have to go to my YouTube channel andopen any video from my channel and the description panel now you can get the Instagram link.

ok now first of all you have to download an application in your mobile phone the application downloading link is provided below the bottom area in download button so you have to just click on the download button and directly redirecting to play store and you need to download the application first in your mobile phone after that you have to call the process what I am telling in next paragraph the following steps. Step-by-step all the points.

Following Steps :-

  • open application
  • click on multitasking option
  • click on setting
  • you can set the milliseconds as manually
  • after that press the back button
  • now you have to click on the enable button
  • but you can swing the roll so you have to go accessibility option and turn on the typing accessibility
  • after turning on again you have to click on the enable button
  • now you can get it popup Windows tool in your mobile side screen
  • now you can go any messenger application from where you want to send the message for example WhatsApp

  • after WhatsApp open you have to click on the plus button then set the point location to the first word
  • after that like that you have to again on the glass bottle and select the bottom area on every keyword
  • after that the last button is have to seat on the sending button
  • now you need to click on the Play icon
  • and its boom application is automatically working and automatically type all the word all the sentence and automatically send to this person non-stop.
  • if you want to close the popup then click on the minimise option then click on the cross icon.

Download Here

[su_button id=”download” url=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.truedevelopersstudio.automatictap.autoclicker” target=”blank” style=”flat” background=”#ef0c12″ size=”7″ center=”yes” radius=”0″ icon_color=”#ffffff”]DOWNLOAD[/su_button]




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