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How To Create PDF Shortcut In Android

Introduction :

Hello everyone here I will tell you best Android shortcut tricks like how to create PDF shortcut in Android home screen which is the unique and useful trick for all students.

To using this setting you can create shortcut for any PDF file in home screen of Android mobile and also customise the PDF name and icon colour and many options.

Sometimes we are getting confused with all saved PDF files in our Android mobile for online classes and important documents but to using this setting you can separately create shortcut to find the actual file quickly.

Contact :

This application is very easy to use still if you want to have any doubts then you can put down your comment in the comment section and I will try to guide you.

If you want to provide any Android mobile tips and tricks related suggestion then definitely you can provide in the comment box and I will check out soon.

So now let’s talk about the process of this Android mobile tricks and to using this feature you need to install an application which I have provided below in the download button.

Process :

The first process are install this application to click on the download button and then open directly from Google Play Store and do some settings.

Well first of all allow some requirement permission and then follow the instruction which is just you have to select any PDF file from the storage of your mobile.

Then click on share button and you can see create shortcut in home screen so just tap on it and within a second create a shortcut file in home screen of your PDF file.

So now you can easily use this PDF file anytime in one click and also you can create many PDF file shortcuts which you use in daily life.





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