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How To Get Any Other Phone Call List

Introduction :

hi friends good morning welcome to this article today we are discussed about a new smartphone Android trick that is if you want to do it then you can also apply in your smartphone and that is the very awesome and interesting trick so let’s discuss the trick in this article today. the setting is very important so I will request you please be carefully read all the settings and all the configuration is absolutely free so let’s start the discuss. if you want to know any other mobile call history or call details like your friend or any relatives or any your family members mobile all details monitor from your mobile then you can try this setting or trick in your smartphone. Well this setting is very useful for you in future that is very help me in any situation to you for your family member safety with connection via mobile.

Contact Details :

In future if you face any problem or if you have any issues or doubts then you can solve this to ask me simply just comment below in the article and I will reply your comment within 24 hours as soon as possible if you want to contact with me directly personally didn’t have to contact in our social media platform and that is Instagram. so just simply visit our YouTube channel and open the about section area and you can easily find all the social media link to connect with us personally. simply click on the Instagram link and you are automatically redirected in Instagram and you need to follow me and you can send message with your doubts I will definitely reply your message within 24 hours when I free.

Instruction :

So forget setting you have to install small Android application in your smartphone and the application downloading link I already provided below in the download button so simply wait till the timer stop and you can see the download button simply click on the download button and you are automatically redirected in Google Play Store and you can easily install the application in your smartphone after that you have to follow all the states what I am telling in the next paragraph step by step and all the options all the settings is very important for you to apply this setting so we carefully apply all the settings. otherwise this setting is not work in your smartphone properly.


Following Steps :

click on the download button above to download the application in your smartphone after 15 second timer stop

after installation process you have to open your application in your phone and then allow all the permissions which is lead from the official website from the application.

now you have to allow all the notifications and all the accessibility options to work properly in your smartphone the application.

Ok now you have to register yourself with an email id in this application to connect this device to other website for monitor directly.

Now you have to open the the website which is provided in this application and again you have to login this website to same email ID and you can see all the details like call details and SMS details also from there.

all the settings is done and now you can monitor any smartphone from your mobile easily without touching any smartphone for your family members.

To install the application click on the download button above.

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