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How To Get Any Whatsaap Number Every Online Alert For Family Member Safety

Introduction :

Hi my dear friends today I will tell you a very interesting WhatsApp trick which is very useful for you and your family members like your child or any brother sister definitely you can use it to see or monitor the last seen of their WhatsApp for your family safety purposes.

Definitely you have to use this because any time you can secure for your family members to check the online or offline or any online last seen activity of their WhatsApp number.

So let’s see about this setting how you can do it easily step by step I will tell you today.

Contact :

But before that I want to tell you if you have any issues or doubts queries than definitely you can ask me in the comment section I will definitely help you.

Also here you can provide us your suggestions if you have any new ideas or suggestions regarding any Android tricks that definitely you can send me I will share with your audience and family.

Now let’s talk about the setting first of all you need to install the application just click on the download button below after follow the process which is mentioned in the below next paragraph.


Procedure :

So install the application and then open this application directly from Play Store and do some settings which I am telling you.

Allow all the permissions and allow the accessibility option from your settings mobile to alert perfectly or work perfectly in your smartphone.

Now select the country code as your mobile number choice and then put the mobile number and then click continue button.

Now all the settings is done now you can take rest and close the application when this mobile number is online or offline then you can alert a small notifications which is very useful for you.

So that’s all my dear friends thanks a lot for today definitely I will catch you in the next one. have a nice day.




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