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How To Lock Apps By Mobile Clock Widget

Introduction :

Hello everyone here I will tell you how to lock your mobile apps through mobile clock widget or alarm widget which is very amazing and new secret trick.

You can use this clock widget App locker as a media vault application or as a application password locker so just you have to set the time as a password and you can use to unlock apps.

Also You can select manually which app you want to lock with the timer and this application properly are unlock through the actual time which you have set in this app.

Contact :

If you want to ask any question regarding this tricks then you can provide your question in the comment section and I will try to check and solve your problem as soon as possible.

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So you need to install and apps in your mobile and I have provided below the apps link in the download button so just install it and follow the process completely.

Process :

The first step are you need to install this apps to click on the download button and you are redirect on Google Play Store so just install then open it.

Then you need to set up this apps locker to select your password as a timer from clock widget in your mobile and then click on apps lock option.

Now you can select this apps which you are want to lock and also you can save or hide your photos or videos as a vault apps here.

Now when you are open those selected apps in your mobile then this apps are ask for password so just you have to put the right time and you can open this easily.





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