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How To Lock Incoming Calls Set Password

Hello friends if you want to lock any incoming calls in your mobile like if anyone calling in your mobile then it is ask a password or pin code lock in your phone. So when the call is ringing then do not receive the call without put the correct password or correct pin code in this mobile receive the call. well this is the very interesting trip if you have any personal call or any personal number from anyone then you can lock or unlock their own calls in your mobile so this person is calling to you then without you do not anyone receive the call talk with him call or receive.

well you want to contact with us if you face any problem regarding this process then you can directly contact with me in my Instagram the ID and user name is provided in my video description if you want to connect with us or you have any problem regarding this project then you have to go in my channel and follow the video description then you will get the link and you have to official id and follow us.

first of all you have to download an application in your phone it is very small application and it is very useful to lock unlock incoming call tool for your mobile phone. while downloading process is completed then we have to call the process is provided in this article below.

Following Steps :-

  • install the application
  • open the application
  • step by step down on all the steps option
  • you have to complete total no 5 steps
  • you can choose the background screen for your lock screen password.
  • you can set the schedule
  • you can set the manual disconnect and receive all the calls automatically.

Download Here





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