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How To Play Double Music Song In Single Headphone

Introduction :

Hello everyone today in this article I will tell you how to play double song in single earphone or single headphone. Like the left headphone are play a song and the right side headphone are play another song in same time.

Well that is very interesting and very useful and amazing Android tricks definitely you should try in your smartphone today with your headphone and play music with double audio song.

It can very helpful for listening music with same time for two person which are both another song play in both headphone at the same time.

Contact :

I know you can do this easy trick but still if you have any doubts then definitely you can comment below I will try to help you regarding this Android tricks as soon as quickly.

Also you can provide us if you know any new Android tricks and features which are latest launched in technical field. It can help to grow our knowledge and I will try to share with your audience and family.

Now let’s talk about this Android feature to play Double music in single time single headphone. So you need to install an application in your Android smartphone just click on the download button below the last paragraph and then follow the next process.

Process :

Just click on the download button below and install the application from Google Play Store.

After installing the application open and accept the required permissions to perfectly work with your smartphone.

Now you can see two music players which is showing on the display and connect the headphone with your smartphone and then select the first music player and play any music from your library.

Now select the second music player and play any music from your music library and now you can listen double song with single headphone and I think it’s working fine.





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