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How To Record Other Mobile Voice And Video

hi friends if you want to record any other mobile sound or video like you have any friend or any other relative mobile phone and you want to record in their mobile phonessounds like their call recordings and surrounding sounds and any other conversations.

If you want to record and capture the all of videos all of the moments and you want to see or watch or listen the sound and videos from your mobile device then you can follow or you have to follow this process what I am telling now today through this article.

this is the very interesting process for trick so if you want to do it then you have to follow all the process which I am telling you in this post step by step it is very sensitive process so you have to be very carefully to follow this process and do all the settings is perfectly.

so first of all this process you have to download an application in your partner or friends mobile phone. And do all the settings what I am telling you in next paragraph step-by-step andafter that it’s done and you can get all the result permanently in your mobile.

Following Steps :-

  • install application
  • open application
  • accept the terms and conditions
  • allow all the permissions like storage camera gallery for any others
  • click on bottom right side corner more option
  • click on setting button
  • do all the settings what I am telling you like turn off all the shortcut key option live power button volume button home button any others.
  • turn on the audio recording option
  • set for the permanently
  • set a Google drive account with your email ID
  • set a password for lock the application
  • and it’s done

no you can get all the recordings like audio or video or any others it is automatic transfer in your mobiles in Google drive account against your this email ID. if you want to listen for watch this audio aur video then you have to go in your Google drive application and login with this email ID which is enter there and login in your Google drive account then you can see all the files is automatically uploaded. now you can watch or listen or modify delete rename or what do you want. Thank you so much.

Download Here

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