How To Recover Deleted Photo In Any Mobile Gallery Trick

How To Recover Deleted Photo In Any Mobile Gallery Trick

Well guys today I will discussing about how to recover any photos like we are any photos mistakenly deleted in any time in past in any situation for a reason. Now if you want to recover it again in your gallery for memory card in your mobile then absolutely you can do it this trick which I am telling you in this article.

so if you want to do it then you have to follow all the process and all the steps very carefully because today I will discuss about this topic with full details I will explain in this article. so you have to follow all the steps which I mentioned in this article step by step. all the setting is very sensitive so definitely you have to very carefully click and do all the settings in your mobile.

first of all you have to download an application the download application link I already mentioned bottom of the article in the download button. so directly you can click on the download button after the download you have to follow all the following step paragraph step by step and all the process you have to follow correctly.

Following Steps :-

  • install application
  • open application
  • you can filter the the date like how many months you want to get recover.
  • now you have to wait for the all photos is loading in this application while is stopped
  • now you can see all the folders which is already deleted from your mobile.
  • now you have to choose this photos which is you want to recover.
  • and click ok to confirm.
  • and all is done.

if you face any problem while you were doing this process then you definitely you can contact with me in my Instagram you can directly message to me the Instagram ID username and link in the description below in my YouTube video in my YouTube channel so you can just go to my channel and then follow my any video description you can get my Instagram.




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