How To Set Automatic Brightness For Separate Apps In Android

Introduction :

Hello everyone in this article I will tell you how to set auto brightness feature for separate apps in Android which are automatic increase and decrease brightness for selected apps.

From this tricks you can set manual brightness for any apps and for homepage you can select as your choice brightness percentage but when you open this apps then automatically change the brightness.

You can set multiple apps Auto Brightness setup and select different percentage of brightness light in one app which is very useful tricks.

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So now let’s talk about this tricks and first option are you need to install an apps in your mobile to set up this Auto Brightness feature to click on the download button below.

Process :

Install this apps in your mobile to click on download option and then you are redirect on Play Store and install this apps.

Now you have to apply some settings so just accept some requirement permissions and turn on this apps to click on top right side corner button.

Now you can select separately any apps brightness manually and set the selected brightness for different different apps.

When you open the selected app and the screen brightness are automatically changed to selected percentage for this apps.

Also when you close this app then the screen brightness are automatically changed to previous percentage which are already selected for your mobile home screen.


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