Listen Your Girlfriend Calls In Your Mobile

Hi friends how are you what you do today. well today I gonna show you about an Android mobile secret trick. well this is the very interesting trip for your mobile and for also any Android mobile. if you want to listen any other mobile call record like your friend your partner for your girlfriend for your boyfriends mobile call records from your mobile then you can follow this setting what I am telling in this post today. This setting is wearing interesting trick maybe you are enjoying when you are doing this process in your mobile and when you get the result that you are impresse maybe.

so without wasting any time let’s start right now but before this I want to tell you this setting for process is just for as a entertaining purpose as a educational purpose or as a technology update learning purpose. So don’t do this any other wrong reasons in any mobile. But if you face any problem regarding this sitting in future. And if you want to contact with me for any help for any suggestion then definitely feel free you can contact us in my official Instagram profile. My Instagram all the details is provided in my YouTube channel in about section. so simply just you have to visit in my channel in YouTube and then open my channel about section and find the Instagram link then you can get the official profile in my Instagram. So just you have to click on the link and you are automatically redirected in my official Instagram profile. now you have to follow me and text me with your issues and definitely within 24 hours I will reply your message.

So now to complete this process all the settings is very important if you want to do it then you have to very carefully follow and very carefully read all the settings all the states and all the process. when you can apply this process then you have to open this article for your help for your guide to complete your setting. Before that you need to download an application in this mobile which mobile you are listen the calls. The application link is provided below in the download button. simply you just have to click on the download button below after that you are redirected in Google Play Store. Now I have to click on the install button. Then its start automatically the installing process when the installing process is completed then you have to follow all the steps what I am telling in next paragraph see below.

Well in this setting the best features is this application is also hidden application. when you are shared a security password and click on the hide application option then automatically this application is hide from your mobile next time if you want to open this mobile application then you have to dial some code which is provided in security section area with your passcode. So don’t forget your password for any situation because your passport is very important to operate the application otherwise you can’t open the application next time.

Following Steps :-

  • first of all wait for the complete 15 seconds to activate the download button.
  • the second process please when the 15 seconds is completed then you have to click on the download button and you are automatically redirected in Google Play Store then just you have to click on the install button simply and the downloading process is automatically started in your mobile.
  • now you have to press the back button in your mobile and again open this article in your phone to guide all the process and all the settings
  • now open the application and allow all the permissions which is need to run the application
  • now you have to click on more button
  • then click on the Setting option
  • find in cost option is recording. Click on this option
  • turn off of the second and third option related off notification
  • click on back button and find the storage option and click there
  • choose the option is delete after upload and turn on the option.
  • Now press back button and find the Google drive option and click on this option.
  • now click on the Google drive button in the first option to connect the Google drive account.
  • click on connect Google drive and sylhet and email id to login for transfer the call record in your Google drive account.
  • please phone the back button and find the option is security well this is the very most important setting
  • type a password for lock the application and also open application
  • now you can press to hide application for hide this application from this mobile.
  • now all the settings is set. in future if you want to open this application then you have to open ine aur mobile dialler pad and type ** Your Passcode ** and press dial button after that the application is automatically open now you can customise all the settings all the options again.

To download this application press on the download button above.

Thank you so much.

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