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New Phone Call Update Feature In Android

Introduction :

So hello guys welcome to this article today I will show you about a new very awesome and recently updated a dialler option which is available on Android mobile phone. I hope definitely you like to setting after using this in your Android smartphone.

So please read carefully all the instructions what I am telling today in this article because all the points but I am provided is very important to know if you are want to apply this feature and enjoy this update.

Now let’s talk about some details if you are call anyone from your mobile phone then you can select your mobile number as your choice and also the voice over all this is very interesting setting to call all in your smartphone.

Contact :

If you face any problem regarding this feature or if you have any queries then definitely you can put your questions in the comment section I will as soon as possible check your comment and try to solve your doubts.

Also you can put your suggestion if you have any suggestions regarding this article or any new update in Android smartphone then definitely I will check your comment and try to provide you as your suggestion in the next one.

Now let’s talk about the update so first of all you need to install an application in your smartphone. Well this application is very unique and new to turn on the feature in your mobile but before that you have to follow all the process provided in the next paragraph to complete this setting perfectly.

Procedure :

Click on the download button after install the application from Google Play Store and then open the application to turn on the setting.

Now all the permissions to work perfectly and it is automatically analyse your device and it is automatically work as their AI technology.

Now you need to put your number and select as your choice customisation options and click on the dial button to enjoy the feature in your smartphone.

Now it’s automatically work and you can feel and enjoy the update in Android recently which is very awesome maybe hope you like it.

To install the application click on the download button.

Thank you so much.




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