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Track Other Mobile All Details New Tricks

Hello friends today I want to learn you about how to track any other mobile your friend your partner or any other relatives mobile phone if you want to track for see that any other mobile usage statistics or usage history. then you can try this trick in your mobile phone it is a very brilliant and awesome trick if you want to do it or try in your mobile then you have to follow all the process I will telling you in this article very details step by step.

while you are doing this process and applying your mobile in this time if you face any problem about this related tric then definitely you can contact with me in my Instagram. my Instagram ID username and the link is provided already in my YouTube video description so you can check out this in my YouTube channel in any video description.

So now it’s time to to apply the trick in your mobile phone. so I will telling you step-by-step please follow all the process very clearly sensitively and seriously. don’t do anything wrong it is just for an educational purpose only. So you can just for try or experiment only not any other reason please mind it.

now first of all you have to download an application in your Android mobile phone the download link is already provided in the bottom area in download button. after downloading you have to follow all the step while I am in sin in next following step paragraph step by step serial wise.

Following Steps :-

  • open application
  • turn off the quick control button
  • click on the more option top left side corner
  • click on reference
  • click on control button
  • turn off this option
  • now click on the back button
  • you can see mirroring link
  • click on the top right side corner copy button
  • now close the application and move on your mobile device
  • open any browser and turn on the internet connection
  • now paste the mirroring link in Google search bar
  • and click on the search button
  • click on play button
  • and it’s done now you can see all the usage from other device.

Download Here

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