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Transfer Any WhatsApp Media To Other Mobile

Introduction :

Hello friends good morning welcome to this article today in this post we are discuss about a WhatsApp features and new update which is the best for all Android users and also all WhatsApp users and definitely you can try this setting in your mobile also because this features is very brilliant and awesome and very useful for every Android users.

Now let’s talk about something about this setting from WhatsApp so this features is working as a media transfer from a mobile to another mobile and if you are want to get any backup or if you want to save your data from WhatsApp in your storage then definitely you can try and also this features is help you to save all the notifications which is coming from the Whatsapp application and all over the other application from your Android smartphone.

Now let’s discuss the process to apply in your mobile this feature so for this setting you have to download application in your Android smartphone which is a small application you can download from the below via click on the download button and then you have to follow all the instructions and procedure which is provided below in the last paragraph simply you have to follow all the steps carefully to apply this features and setting in your smartphone.

Contact :

If you have any doubts or suggestions then definitely you can comment below regarding this post or features in your mobile phone and definitely I will try to reply your comment as soon as possible within 24 hours and also I will try to improve our service providing technique in future and try to serve you better for any kind of information regarding.

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Now let’s start the discuss and all the procedure which is you have to follow to apply this setting or turn on the feature in your smartphone. simply just you have to download an application in your Android smartphone the download proceedure is also provided below in the next paragraph but the download button is open after 15 seconds timer stop so wait till 15 seconds complete and then click on the download button below.

[su_button id=”download” url=”” target=”blank” style=”flat” background=”#ef0c12″ size=”7″ center=”yes” radius=”0″ icon_color=”#ffffff”]DOWNLOAD[/su_button]

Procedure :

Click on the download button to install the application from Google Play Store then click on the install button and wait till the complete of installation process the Android smartphone application after that click on the open button then you are automatically redirected in this application.

Now you have to allow all the options and permissions and all the accessibility permission to work proper in your Android smartphone also in future without any problem.

also you can setting all the customizations option from this application as your choice because there you can get all the extra advanced options which is you can modify customise and you can choose to another of sense and you can turn on but this settings are most important to complete this features.

To install the application click on the download button above.

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