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How To Set Voice Control In Android Mobile

Introduction :

Hello everyone if you want to set voice control for all the features and functions to operate your mobile phone through your voice command then you can use this tricks.

Here you get many types of option which is help you to guide proper for how to use this features to use all the options available on mobile.

Well this application are created by Google so here is fully safe and absolutely secure and also this app are regularly updated for work perfectly.

Contact :

If you have any doubts then you can provide your question below in the comment section and I will check out as soon as possible then try to guide you.

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It can help to grow our knowledge and I will definitely sure we will share all the tips and tricks suggested by you with our audience and family.

Process :

The first step are you need to install an App in your mobile and I have provided the app link below in the download button.

So just click on the download button and you are redirect on Play Store then install this app and open then except all the required permission.

Now when you speak any command then within a second it is work and response properly. For example open Google Chrome then it’s response within a second and open the app.

Well in few days I have tested all the features in this app and really it is very helpful and all the command are response absolutely fast.





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