Best Live Tunnel Wallpaper In Android 2020

Best Live Tunnel Wallpaper In Android 2020

Hi guys today we can show you about an secret new Android mobile trick for you. well this is the very interesting trick if you want to do it in your mobile then just you have to follow all the process what I am telling today in this article and it is very useful and very interesting for you and all the Android users. Will the setting is available in every Android mobile smartphone do not need for complete this process to use for install any other third party applications in your mobile it is possible only from in your mobile setting.

But still you face any problem and you want to contact with me regarding this setting or any other issues then you can contact with us in my Instagram. my all the Instagram details is provided in my YouTube channel video description so you want to contact with us then you can check it out there. and you need to follow our office your profile then you can text or message to me with your issues.

So first of all you have to install and small application in your smartphone application downloading link is mentioned or provided in this article in bottom area in the download button so just simply you have to click on the download button below after that you have to follow all the steps which is provided below in next paragraph step by step.

If you have any suggestions regarding any Android setting and you want to get tutorial video about this setting then you can comment me below this post with your suggestion I will definitely try make a video as your choice in our channel for you. I will try all the options all the steps discussed via YouTube video in our official channel.

Following Steps :-

  • click on download button
  • install the application
  • click to open the application in your mobile
  • allow all the permissions
  • click on bottom left side corner option and you can choose as your choice the wallpaper design
  • the second option is you can change the shape of tunnel
  • the third option is you can change the tunnel hole colour
  • IV option is setting and here you can do to change the speed motion and set a sensor customization
  • now you need to click on top right side corner more option and then you can add the wallpaper in your home screen.




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