Best Way To Mobile Call Redial Android

Best Way To Mobile Call Redial Android

Friends, do you want to call your friends from your mobile, joke with them and create a different environment so that you can entertain them, then today I am going to tell you a way by which you can joke with your friends and your brother. You can prank your sister or anyone else very well by calling them so that you can make them happy.

Today I will tell you about a platform or a mobile application through which you can make unlimited calls and that too by using the internet present on the mobile i.e. with the help of cloud server, you will be able to call and talk to them for which You will need a good internet connection on your mobile.

How it works Mobile Call Redial Android

This is an application where you can schedule your call, that is, if you make a setting once here, then you will be able to call the number automatically, for which some internet balance will be required and you can also talk to them. Which would be a great trick.

This application works through satellite, that is, by connecting through internet connection from wherever you are, the server location of the place where you want to make a call is connected and by making a connection between them, you can make a call using the internet. You will be able to call.

For this, you will not need to do any separate recharge, only the internet connection on your mobile or if there is any WiFi internet connection at your home other than mobile, then you can make calls through that also. So let us see step by step what needs to be done for this.

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Process :

First of all, you have to install an application on your mobile from Play Store, the link of which I have given below on the download option, you just have to click on it and you will go directly inside the Play Store and install the application.

After that, you have to go inside the application and provide the number on which you want to call, when you will call and other other facts and then save it.

Whenever you continue after saving, your call will continue and you can continue talking.

Apart from this, let me tell you one more thing, to do this process, it is necessary to have internet on your mobile. Apart from this, if you will not be able to make calls, then definitely keep this in mind.

For now, that’s all, let’s meet some other mobile settings or updates which can prove to be very important for you.


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