How Do I Improve Sound Quality On My Phone

How Do I Improve Sound Quality On My Phone


Friends, if the volume of your mobile has become very high i.e. whatever song you listen to or watch a video on YouTube or any other social media and you do not hear any sound at all on the mobile speaker. Whatever song or music you listen to, it is played at very high volume.

Apart from this, if you listen to a video with full sound, then no good sound comes from any speaker of the mobile and whatever song you play, it does not make any sense but the sound is very bad. Apply the settings I am telling you.

Because there are some settings which are kept locked inside your mobile in advance so that the speaker of the mobile lasts for a long time and the speaker remains good and the mobile also works well, that is why you hear a working sound on the speaker after a few days. Apart from this, the sound also gets reduced due to dust mixed on top of the speaker.

But if you follow the settings that I am telling you today, then the sound of the speaker will increase much more than before and you can enjoy whatever song or video you watch.

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Process :

First of all you have to install a mobile application on your mobile which will be available on Google Play Store and I have given the link of this application on the download option below.

After downloading the application, you have to open it and you can play any music on the mobile. You will have to set the sound as per your requirement while listening to the music so that you can understand how much sound you want to increase.

After setting everything, whatever song or video you play, you will get a very good sound on it, which you can hear and understand better than before, which you will come to know yourself, then definitely try it. Do it.

So friends, that’s all for today, see you again with another new setting and new application, thank you.


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