Google Banned 17 Apps For Spying And Fraudulent User’s Data

Google Banned 17 Apps

Google Banned 17 Apps from the Google Play Store and App Store which is a total 1 crore of downloads and they are spying on user’s data and information.

So in this article, I will show you all the application lists that have been deleted from the Play Store and App Store if you are still using these apps you need to delete them instantly from your device for your data safety.

Application Company:

This is a total of 18 apps and all apps are launched from Africa Latin America and South Asia.

From the list of these apps, a total of 17 apps were deleted from the Play Store and App Store, and still, one application is available on the App Store on Apple devices.

The reason for the last apps is they launched a similar application with a new updated version with new features and they do not spy any details like other 17 apps.

Why are apps removed from the Play Store?

These apps are fake apps created to spy data from users and collect information like photos and videos from the device and also fake loan types of apps to collect money and blackmail them to pay extra funds.

These apps are duplicate app interfaces and many people download and apply for loans or any other profits but they are completely fraud companies who are collecting the information from users and fraud with many users.

After reviewing all 17 apps Google has decided to remove them from the Play Store and App Store completely for the safety of the user’s data.

Google Banned 17 Apps Which are getting fraudulent and Spyloan activity:

1. AA KRedit
2. Amor Cash
3. Guaya Cash
4. Easy Credit
5. Cashwow
6. Credibus
7. Flash Loan
8. Préstamos Crédito
9. Préstamos De Crédito-Yumicash
10. Go Crédito
11. Instantáneo Préstamo
12. Cartera Grande
13. Rápido Crédito
14. Finupp Lending
15. 4S Cash
16. True Naira
17. Easy Cash

These all are apps that are regarding fake loans, credits, and many types of offer-related applications which are collecting data from users.

These unfamiliar companies promote this application through SMS, social media platforms, or any other advertising options.

So just be careful and don’t install this type of application from any other sources even from Google Play Store because many types of apps do not provide their original company details and still collect personal information from you and this is very risky.

When you are installing or using any financial app or any type of loan app then do not give permission to your storage media or photos and videos from your device.

When you give any permission in any app then just think about which permissions are needed to use this app then give permission otherwise deny it directly.

If you search for any loans then install the banking app from the official website because they provide the original application on their official website.


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