The Easiest Way To Create Image Using AI

The Easiest Way To Create Image Using AI

Friends, you must have seen many photos on your mobile these days which are becoming very viral on Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, which have been created with the help of Artificial Intelligence. All the photos are different from each other which looks very good and also people like all these photos more.

That is why you must have seen that people share this type of photo on their profiles a lot, which gets a lot of likes and comments and along with this, people upload this type of photo created by Artificial Intelligence on their social media profiles. Or he gets the channel grouped very soon and also earns income through it.

Perhaps you might be feeling that making such a photo requires a lot of hard work or requires expensive software or a computer. But this is not the case at all because technology has become so updated that nowadays you can create such a photo in less than 1 minute by just using your mobile phone and today I am going to teach you the correct method for this.

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How Do I Use AI To Create An Image?

First of all you have to install an application on your mobile from Google Play Store, the link of which I have given on the download button below.

As soon as you click on the button, you will go directly to Google Play Store, install the application from there and then open it.

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Which AI Is Best For Image Creation?

This application has been created by Microsoft using Artificial Intelligence technology, whose name is Microsoft Big.

Inside the application you will find a Copilot button which you have to click on and you will get a message space where you have to write your creativity i.e. what kind of photo you want to edit i.e. create.

After writing, if you send it, within a few seconds a similar photo will be created and given to you, whichever you like, you can keep it on your mobile and share it anywhere.

We hope that you would have liked and understood whatever we learned today, if you have any kind of dilemma then definitely contact us, that’s all for today, we will meet again with another topic, thank you.


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