How To Change Sky From Photo Background


Introduction :

Hello everyone here I will talk about amazing Android camera application which are provide very amazing features on android and definitely you are also should try this camera apps in 2022.

This camera application are like normal camera app but here you can get many type of automatic filters which can help you to change photo sky background and colour and also all the filters in one click.

So if you want to click any photo and you can directly edit from the camera to very attractive colour grading and presets also you can change the sky colour and interface directly from there.

Contact :

If you have any doubts or questions regarding this Android trick then you can ask me directly in the comment box and I will try to check your comment as soon as possible definitely.

Also you can share if you want to suggest any Android tips and tricks it can help us to gain more knowledge and definitely I will try to share with our audience and family.

So now let’s talk about this amazing trick so you need to install an Android apps which are available below in the download button after that follow the next paragraph process properly.

Process :

Install this application to click on the download button below and then accept all the requirement permission after open this application.

Now you can see many type of filters so you can select manually or you can slide horizontally on the screen and the sky colour and filter are changed completely.

You can see all the picture and colour grading are looks really amazing and attractive so you can capture the photo in any preset or filter option which you are like.




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