How To Setup Unique Theme In Android 2022

Best android theme setup

Introduction :

Hello everyone if you want to set up new unique Android mobile theme in 2022 then I think you should try this amazing Android mobile theme launcher in 2022 which is looks really unique and amazing.

Here you can see lots of mobile theme which are pre customised and set up themes and it’s absolutely free. Just you need to click on apply button and this theme are applied on your mobile.

Also you can change the background wallpaper from the wallpaper library and change the keyboard style with this theme and many type of options are available here.

Contact :

If you want to ask any question or if you have any doubts regarding this Android mobile setup customisation tricks then definitely you can provide your question in the comment box.

Also if you want to suggest any Android tips and tricks that you can provide in the comment box below also you can contact in our social media sites and I will try to share content with our audience as your suggestion.

Now install the application to click on the download button below and then follow the proper process provided below and then you can customise your mobile home screen and theme.

Process :

Click on the download button to install the application from Google Play Store and open it and accept all the requirement permission to work perfectly and set up as a default home screen.

Now you can change the theme from the setting option and many types of free themes are available here also you can customise the theme like change the wallpaper and keyboard style.

Also you can change the icon shape and designs from the collections and all items are absolutely free to use but here you can see some ads so just ignore it and enjoy this application.




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