Google Pixel 9 Pro Price In India Launch Date

Google Pixel 9 Pro Price In India Launch Date

The Google Pixel 9 Pro price in India launch date There is a lot of discussion happening on the topic because Google is making a big plan regarding Pixel. In the coming time, Google will launch many new things on the upcoming Pixel series which is going to be the biggest update till now.

It is heard that the features given inside Google Pixel 9 Pro are going to leave all other companies and even Apple behind, which means that the specifications and technology used inside it will be the best to date which is expensive. If we can see it on a more expensive mobile then now let’s see what we can find inside it.

Google Pixel 9 Pro Camera

Inside Google Pixel 9 Pro, we will get to see three camera setups on the back side, that too with high-quality megapixels, which is 108 plus 50 + 16 megapixel camera on which we can take photos and videos at very high graphics.

And if we talk about a 24-megapixel selfie camera, then we will get to see a wide-angle lens camera setup on the front side, that too this camera will be capable of recording high-quality videos, inside which we will get to see beautiful features.

Google Pixel 9 Pro Display

Talking about the display of Google Pixel 9 Pro, it has a 6.65 inch Super AMOLED which supports 1080 x 2400 megapixels highest resolution, and along with that, it supports 396 ppi technology inside which we get the highest brightness. Up to 1600 pixels can be seen which will support 120 hz refresh rate and that too with HDR10+ compatibility.

Google Pixel 9 Pro Specifications

Inside the Google Pixel 9 Pro smartphone, we will get to see Android version 14, in which Snapdragon 8 generation processor connectivity has been used, which is made with a 3.2 GHz processor and it is going to be much more powerful. And if we talk about other topics, a fingerprint sensor will be seen above the display on this mobile. A 5500 mah battery is provided inside it.

Google Pixel 9 Pro Storage

If we talk about the storage of Google Pixel 9 Pro mobile coming from Google, then you will get to see only one variant in it, which is provided with 12GB RAM, and if we talk about storage. 512 BB of internal memory storage is provided here, but on this mobile, you will not be able to get the option of installing a separate memory card SD card.

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If we talk about the external storage of this mobile, then you can use separate storage inside it, for which you will have to port it separately and the facility of USB charging is also provided inside it.

Google Pixel 9 Pro Connectivity

If we talk about connectivity in Google Pixel 9 Pro, then the 5G network has been supported on this mobile which will work very well in India, and along with this, support of 4G, 3G, and 2G has also been provided in it.

Along with this, Bluetooth connectivity of version 5.3 has also been used inside this mobile, which is the latest version till now, along with this, Wi-Fi technology of the mobile has also been included on it.

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Google Pixel 9 Pro Battery And Charger

To provide power backup to all these technologies inside Google Pixel 9 Pro, a big battery of 5500 mAh will be used which you can charge very quickly because 80 Watt fast charge has been provided on this mobile, and with this mobile Wireless charging will also be supported and the most important thing is that reverse charging technology has also been provided on this mobile so that you can charge this mobile from any other mobile.

Google Pixel 9 Pro Price In India Launch Date

We cannot yet tell the exact date when Google Pixel 9 Pro Mobile will be launched in India, but according to the website of 91 Mobile, we can guess this and we have come to know that this mobile can launch on 3 October 2024, the price of Google Pixel 9 Pro in India can be estimated to be around Rs 67990.


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