Android Gravity App Launcher Icon Style Theme

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Introduction :

Hey everyone welcome to our article and today I will show you a new very interesting launcher for Android smartphone which is created by Google Gravity theme.
This Android smartphone launcher is very awesome and when you apply in your mobile then definitely you are also very loved it definitely.

So as my suggestion you have to try once because this application icon pack for style theme is very impressive will for all Android users.
After applying this app icon theme your mobile look is very different and all the application icons are animated roll on in your smartphone screen all over theme.

Also you can move around all the icons to touch on the icon of your screen.
And it’s look like a gravity theme which is very interesting and definitely you are enjoyed this mobile theme launcher.
You can apply this setting you use some small settings for steps what I am telling today in this post so don’t worry just follow all the process mentioned in this article.

Contact :

If you have any queries or questions then absolutely you can ask me.
so please put your questions or queries in the comment box I will definitely check out as soon as possible.
And I will try to reply you as your question in future and definitely try to solve any doubts regarding any Android settings completely.

If you have any suggestions about this Android smartphone launcher then definitely you can ask or provide us for help or serve you better in future clearly.
Also I will try to provide you better technology settings mobile settings for gain your knowledge better and more interesting ideas.
So just you have to put your suggestion in the comment section definitely I will take action.

Now first of all to complete this setting for apply this mobile theme icon design you have to install a small application in your smartphone.
The application download link is provided below in the download button you can easily install it.
But before that you have to wait for 15 seconds to unlock the download button.


Procedure :

So click on the download button to install the application from Google Play Store after 15 seconds.

Just install the application and open in your smartphone and you have to do some settings which is most important.

First of all allow all the permission which is want and then you can customise as your own choice from the setting option you can resize all the icon position and sizes also you can say it as your own choice background wallpaper like photo or video from your gallery.

After that you can set also and other options for customising your choice then you can view the preview option directly from this application.

Now you have to click on the set as a wallpaper for apply this theme in your smartphone as a default launcher.

And after that it is applied in your home screen you can use or enjoy easily in any mobile to using this app in your Android.

I hope you enjoyed this setting thanks for reading all the points completely.



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