Most Popular Music Light Edge Styles In Android

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Introduction :

Hello friends today I will discuss about a very interesting and most popular music light edge theme which is available on Android.
When you are play any music or songs then the music light or music border night are automatically animated in your smartphone and it is many type of colour combinations which is looked very awesome and very impressive.

If you want I’m use it then I am 100% sure in future you cannot delete it because this feature in Android is very awesome and brilliant.
So today I will tell you all the instructions and process to apply in your smartphone also and how you can customise all the settings completely I will guide you step by step in this article today.

So all the points is very important just read carefully and apply same process in your smartphone definitely you can do it easily.
And after using this setting please tell me as a comment how you feeling and how you enjoy with this Android setting.
So let’s start the discuss and I will start the tutorial.

Contact :

If you have any queries or any questions regarding this setting then definitely you can ask me in the comment section.
As soon as possible I will check your messages or comments and definitely reply you and try to solve your queries or in future I will try your doubts via new article.

Also you can provide your suggestions if you have any new ideas related of any Android smartphone settings or any other Android tips and tricks.
It can help us to provide or serve you better or share to all our family with introduce new smartphone settings and options features which is may be useful for us.
So don’t think Just provide your suggestions for new ideas.

Now let’s talk about this feature how you can apply so first of all you need to install an application in your smartphone which is can help to change your mobile lighting theme.
The download button is below just wait for the 15 second and the download button are activated and you can download the application after that you need to follow step-by-step all the process and the process I will provided in the next paragraph.

Procedure :

So the first step is you need to install the application completely just click on the download button and you are automatically redirected in Google Play Store and click on the install button and complete the installation process.

Now after that open this application and allow all the permissions which is very important to perform perfectly in your smartphone and then follow the process.

So after that here you can see many type of lighting themes or templates which are automatically performing with your music beats just you need to choice as you like and select this theme and just click on the apply button.

Now then you can setting as your choice like the the light size and mobile screen border sizes and speeds you can all of this control as your preferred.

After that play any music from your music player and lock your smartphone and if your smartphone is supported amoled display then you can see the music beats on your amoled black screen which are looked very awesome and amazing.

So let’s try and after using comment me how you feel with this setting.

Thank you for your patience and read this article completely.




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