TOP 6 Passive Income Ideas To Make Money Online

passive income ideas

Introduction :

Hello everyone today I will discuss about top 6 passive income ideas and opportunities to earn money online in your part time work from your home.

It will take only 1 to 2 hours per day in your free time and you can earn lots of money which is called as your passive income or extra income in your life.

So here I will discuss the passive income definition and types of passive income. Also discuss about 6 implementable ideas to grow your passive income.

Types Of Passive Income :

There are 2 types of passive income which are Digital Passive Income and Non Digital Passive Income. Today I will discuss about top 6 digital passive income which can help you to grow rich.

So now let’s talk about the best way to start passive income in your free time as a part time work. Passive income means you have to work one time and in future you can earn without any work for long life.

YouTube :

YouTube is a best way for start passive income and in YouTube there are 45 crore people are video creator in India. Which is providing passive earning from your few times work per day.

This platform are very popular and here you can get many opportunity and lots of scope and worldwide market or audience and viewers. From YouTube you can earn lots of source like Google ad revenue and affiliate marketing and brand deals sponsorship also membership of YouTube partner program.

Just you have to publish some videos and you can earn from the videos for lifetime which called passive income and YouTube are provide you lot of earning from your videos reach for long time. In this reason YouTube is the best way to start passive income.

Blogging :

Second best passive income ideas are blogging because when some people are search any topic on Google then Google are providing you many types of website and images or videos link from web and that’s the way to share blogging or website.

From this passive income you can create very much income compared to YouTube because blogging are directly connected with Google ad server so you can earn many percentage of income from blogging.

To start blogging just you have to create a website with a single domain and hosting on any category and you have to post some valuable or knowledgeable article on your website then apply for monetization to Google.

After that you can place your ad on your website and when some people are search any topic on Google then Google are provide your website on the search feed and you can get lots of traffic from organic and make money from Google Adsense.

Affiliate Marketing :

The affiliate marketing are best way to earn money online and you can start this from your free time in your home and you can earn lots of money. I think you know about affiliate marketing but still I can tell you in simple lines.

Affiliate marketing is a platform where you can sell some product and company are providing you some percentage or commission on this product after successfully sell to your customer.

You can also create an affiliate website and suggest to your audience to purchase some product from your site and you can sell then income some commission from the brand. This is the third way to start passive income.

E-commerce :

This is one of the best way to start passive income to sell some product from your own brand or any other brand without any tension in your free time and you can earn lots of money.

With eCommerce website you have to create any website or blog article or any page and profile then you can share your product but it is does not matter from where you are collecting the product maybe it’s from other brand or your own brand product item.

Now you can sell the product or suggest to your viewers and audience and if any people are interest with your product then they can purchase from your site and you will get some commission or percentage from the amount of this product.

Online Course :

The best 5th passive income Ideas are online courses like some teachers or coaches or any tutors available in colleges or any other coaching classes or institute and training centre and they are earn lots of money in field as non digital but you can earn it from online as a digitaly in your free time.

It means you can create some online courses as a video or you can take online classes from live video platform. Then you can sell your video as a premium coaching or online courses in your social media or any other platform.

Some students can purchase your premium online course or any other classes from you with some price and you can generate or build your passive income source as your free part time job.

Sell Stock Footage :

The final passive income Ideas are sell stock footage like many types of content you have and you can sell it in your social media profile or any other pages or channels and after that interested person can bye stock footage or content from you.

There are some examples like any photos or videos and images or any other music which are created by you. After that you can upload this in your website or any other pages and sell this to interested person who need this images or footages.

To using this sell stock footage idea you can earn lots of money for lifetime with sometime work and this is the best idea for another passive income.

That’s all my dear friends this is all the top 6 passive income ideas I think it can help you to earn money in your free time as a part time work or as a digital earn money online.


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