Very Beautiful Mobile Theme In 2020


Hello friends today I want to show you about a very useful application which is convert your smartphone usage experience to develop in a new usage experience. I want to learn about an application which is changed your Android mobiles theme or launcher which is showing applications in your mobile. But this application please convert your applications icons to a smart icon or live wallpaper.

I have explain all the steps in this article. For doing this process you have to install an application which I mentioned below on the download button firstly you have to download the application and then follow the steps which I mentioned below stepwise. It is a very simple process please read carefully every steps which i to do follow.

Following Steps :-

  • Open application
  • you can add applications
  • you can set a background wallpaper as your choice
  • after that also you can set a video background image
  • and the last one you can setting all the extra features in this launcher
  • and finally you can check the live preview option for a demo theme.
  • in future if you want to stop this launcher then you can click on the stop button which is showing bottom off the screen.



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