Android Mobile Gesture Lock Screen Trick


Hi guys today I gonna show you how to to set a gesture type of lock screen in your Android mobile it’s a very different and new technology a new update in mobile screen locker so without wasting any time let’s get started it’s a very important trick for you and very useful trick and also the new trick one so that started.

for this project on track you have to download an application which I mentioned below in the download button so you have to click on the download button below after 30 second and then download this application after that you have to follow all the steps which I mentioned below step by step serial wise.

Following Steps :-

  • Open application
  • draw a word or numeric word for the password
  • click to continue and then you have to set a a recovery pin code 4 digit
  • click on continue and then you have to allow all the permissions
  • after that you can customise all the settings in this application
  • it’s a very updated options you can see here you can set also fingerprint option in this lock screen app

it is a very interesting treat if you have to any problem then you can contact with me in Instagram.



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